Events & Workshops

Our event programme is very popular and fills very quickly.  To ensure you are kept up to date with our schedule of events keep an eye on our facebook page or get in touch to join our mailing list.  Our workshops and events are open to all, but members receive first notice and reduced rates on some events. To enquire about events or to book a space please email us at

Guest trainers and seminars

A great way to improve your skills and challenge yourself, learning from some of the UK’s best trainers.

Course running sessions

No formal training, but an opportunity to run a full course, in a supportive environment with the ability to reward your dog as you wish. The surface is fabulous, and we have lots of space for a BIG course!


Fun shows

These are held through the winter to allow you to proof skills and reward your dog in the ring.  Our fun shows are the ideal preparation for the forthcoming competitive season.  Although entries are limited due to time and space our fun shows are open to all.  The schedule includes full agility and jumping courses that are appropriate for grades 1-4 and 5-7.


Our programme of workshops focuses on specific skills such as weaves, contacts, slaloms, backsides of jumps etc.