Weekly Agility Classes

In the summer these are held outdoors at Cowie near Stirling. In the winter they move to selected indoor arenas.

All classes (with the exception of our Puppy Foundations class) are £9 per session paid monthly in advance.

Our weekly classes cater for all abilities and are designed to take handler and dog from Foundations to Championship level.  We understand that many handlers and dogs will have started their agility careers at another club or trainer and our starting Foundations course would not be suitable.

If you are interested in joining our regular classes from another club or trainer we would ask you to undertake an assessment session. This ensures we fit you into the most suitable class for your ability. We would encourage you to get in touch and note your interest in joining us for regular classes so we can contact you when a space becomes available.



Aim, to build confidence and lay the right foundations for successful learning.

The starting place for young dogs from 4 months old. An 8-week block of lessons, covering focus, flatwork, impulse control and play.

Places are limited for this very popular course, please inquire for availability.


Aim to build simple sequences and confident dogs.

An introduction to low level equipment, building on flatwork, forward focus and drive.

Dogs and handlers understand basic criteria.


Aim, build confidence in handling ability to prepare for competition.

Developing and proofing skills, building handler and dog confidence in sequences, increased knowledge of handling ability and choices.

Graded classes 1-7 (championship)

Improving skills, distance control, independence and handling choices to build successful teams

Handlers increasing understand the difference between drive line and shortest line and can make informed decisions on how to achieve best line for them and their dog and execute it successfully!

Summer Class Programme 2020

Monday From 6pm All grades at comp level
Tuesday From 3pm All grades at comp level
Wednesday From 6:30pm Beginners Grade 1-4
Thursday From 6.30pm All grades at comp level
Friday - Appointments only
Saturday - Appointments only
Sunday - Appointments only



Winter Class Programme 2019

Monday - Appointments only
Tuesday From 4pm All grades at comp level
Wednesday - Appointments only
Thursday - Appointments only
Friday From 6:30pm All  grades at comp level
Saturday - Appointments only
Sunday - Appointments only